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The Value of a Prep School Education

12 Jun 2024 |

By Chris Calvey, Headmaster

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Where does the value in a Prep School education lie? I hear from prospective parents on a regular basis who ask this question as part of their school tour. Does the value lie in the class sizes, and what does this actually mean?

How Great Walstead Delivers a Leading Prep School Education

Reduced Class Sizes

With class sizes at Great Walstead School at least half that of a state school counterpart there is more time for both the teacher and the learning assistant to spend with each child every day. This has a significant effect on both their personal development as well as their academic progress. For example, from their first year at school, they will be heard reading more often which helps accelerate their reading age and ultimately enables them to develop a love of reading that remains with them throughout their life.

Evenly Sharing Time & Facilities to All Students

All schools are generally very proactive in working with pupils at either end of the learning spectrum. That is to say the teachers support and develop interventions for those who have specific learning needs, whilst also stretching and developing those who are more gifted and able. However, often these two groups receive proportionately more of the teachers’ time because of the demands and needs that they have. The result usually means that the larger middle band of pupils who are naturally making good progress are not given the time or opportunity to make exceptional progress. In a Prep School, this is where the smaller classes come into their own as the teachers have both the time and facilities to ensure all groups are making the best possible academic progress.

Building Relationships

School is not just about fulfilling your academic progress; it is also about building friendships, having fun and being in a safe place where kindness and honesty are important. Small class sizes play a very big part in ensuring this is successful. Teachers can dedicate more time to each pupil to get to know each of them very well. One of our aims is that we know what makes your child tick and to develop their hidden talents. The wider facilities that Great Walstead can offer throughout the day such as the astroturf or tennis courts to play ball games, the sports fields to run around, the secret garden and woods to play hide and seek in, all give the children plenty of opportunities to get some fresh air whilst playing with others who share similar interests.

Find out more about the Great Walstead Prep School Education

Prep School small class sizes do have a very measurable positive impact on pupils’ well-being and attainment, and it is probably the greatest benefit for our pupils. Many people view an education at Great Walstead School as a real investment in their child’s or grandchild’s education. Enabling them to walk boldly, confidently, and happily in their early years’ learning journey whilst finding a joy in it as well.

To find out more and book a visit, contact the team here https://www.greatwalstead.co.uk/contact-us

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