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Our Values

Spend a day at Great Walstead and you’ll notice the unique atmosphere in our school. That’s our values at play. You’ll find these principles running through every lesson, activity and adventure. They are what set us apart… and bring us together.

What are the school values?

Four words that help us put the ‘great’ in Great Walstead – making sure we bring learning to life for every child

Our values

Here are the principles that run through our school

Values Empathy


Kindness, honesty and respect are deeply rooted in our school. We learn from each another and cherish our differences.

Values Vibrancy


Our approach is dynamic and full of positive energy. We aim to inspire and ignite each child’s love of learning.

Values Adventure


We’re adventurous to the core. We always embrace new ways of doing things, diversity of thinking and action.

Values Determination


We don’t give up easily. We work towards our goals with conviction, building resilience, self-belief and a strong work ethic.

What are the 7Cs?

Our 7Cs are about more than just academic success.

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