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Cultivating the 7Cs

Inspired by the book ‘Educating Ruby’ by Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas, our 7Cs are about more than just academic success. 

It’s about helping our children cultivate innate character traits such as creativity and curiosity. We want them to leave school with an appetite to discover the world around them and the skills with which to do so.

7 Cs and LP

The Seven Cs

7 Cs Curiosity


Never stop asking questions. Ask “why?”, “how?” and “what if?” hundreds of times to start thousands of magical adventures.

7 Cs Confidence


You’re brilliant as you are. Believe in yourself. Be brave. Mistakes are part of the journey so don’t worry about them. Have a go.

7 Cs Communication


Listen. With an open mind and heart. Share your ideas – they’re valuable. Communication is a dance and you’re learning the steps.

7 Cs Collaboration


Celebrate our unique differences and strengths. Don’t leave anyone out. We can do astonishing things when we work together.

7 Cs Creativity


Don’t be afraid to think for yourself. Explore ideas (no matter how weird or wonderful). Let your imagination fly.

7 Cs Commitment


Keep going when things get tough. You won’t always succeed first time. Embrace the journey – you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come.

7 Cs Craftsmanship


Pour passion and enthusiasm into your work. Take pride in the detail. Give yourself time. Do it with all your heart.

What’s Mud π all about?

From erosion in action on the edge of a stream to peaceful poetry under a tree we maximise our environment, bringing lessons to life.


Award winning

We were awarded International Association of Prep Schools’ Excellence in Education and nominated for TES Pre-Prep School of the Year in 2021.

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