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Our learning philosophy

Our secret recipe for Mud π

With our Mud π learning philosophy, children learn happily in the classroom because they have time to play and explore outside.

Our secret recipe for Mud π

Find out what Mud π is all about. From erosion in action on the edge of a stream to peaceful poetry under a tree we maximise our environment, bringing lessons to life.


With 265 acres of woodland, streams and a secret garden, there's always somewhere new to explore.

A lesson in nature to enhance learning, a tree that needs climbing, or time in the sensory garden to discover a new story.

When we encourage exploration, creativity and curiosity in our outdoor environment, children bring these skills back into the classroom.

Forest School

From adventure trails to sun-dappled tales, Forest School is a unique experience for every child at Great Walstead.

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Den Building in the woods at Great Walstead

Our Values

Four words that help us put the ‘great’ in Great Walstead – making sure we bring learning to life for every child

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