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FAQs & Testimonials

Find out more from our families and teachers

Is Great Walstead the right school for your child and you? To help you decide, we asked our current cohort of families and teachers to share their experience and answer some important questions.

Hear from our Great Walstead families

What’s life like at our school? Find out from the people who know best – our wonderful pupils and their parents.

Frequently asked questions

You might find the answer in our FAQ section or from one of our testimonial videos.

Which senior school do the children go on to?

What is the homework policy throughout the school?

What is the homework policy in the pre-prep?

What are your class sizes?

Can you tell me a little bit more about Great Walstead?

What is Mud π?

What awards have you won?

How do you support the children with pre-testing for senior school?

What is your admissions process?

Will you help me to find the right senior school for my child?

What sports do Great Walstead play?

Will my child represent the school in sport?

How do the Sports Department communicate with parents?

What is your approach to teaching sport?

Tell us about your charity and community work

Who are the Eco-Warriors?

How do you promote a safe and inclusive environment?

What are Learning Powers?

What are the school values?

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