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Pre-prep children jumping off rubber tyres at Great Walstead

Transitioning to Reception

Stepping up - An easy transition to Reception

Our Pre-School sits right in the heart of our school. When it’s time to start Reception it doesn’t feel like a big change because children are comfortable in these familiar surroundings.

Pre-school is part of the whole school

  • We take full advantage of all the great facilities and events.
  • We get inspired by watching the older children performing in shows and concerts.
  • We have access to incredible, fresh ingredients (straight from the kitchen) for our cooking sessions.
  • We get to know staff, popping out to post letters, take things to be mended or just say hello.
  • We get to know matron so as we get older, we feel safe going to her when we’re poorly.

Our Pre-School children

  • Eat in the main dining room – with the same fresh, high-quality food – in our own special area. It’s set up family style so children and staff enjoy lunch together.
  • Make full use of the Sports Hall and Music School. Sometimes even sneaking out to the music corridor to hear different instruments being practised. 
  • Practising racing and games on the main sports field.
  • Join the rest of the school using the Chapel for everything from our Easter bonnet parade to a space for practicing music and dance on stage.
  • Love heading off for countless adventures in the woods. Like Paddington, you’ll often find us there with a sandwich stashed under our hats!

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