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Nurturing future leaders; leadership development programmes at Great Walstead school

12 Jun 2024 |


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Leadership is about knowing yourself. Knowing what you are good at and also knowing what you find more difficult.

It's about having a strong set of values that you believe in and that you reflect the way you go about your daily lives.

It's about encouraging and enabling others to be their best selves which requires real empathy and interest in those people around you.

What does leadership look like at Great Walstead School?

At Great Walstead developing leadership skills in the children could take the form of a library monitor. Your passion for books and reading rubs off on others as you inspire them to read books they might not normally have read. At the same time the pride and passion you have for our library is reflected in the way you look after it and the example you set others in the way you use it.

Your leadership role could be on our pupil counsel. Here you listen to others and bring their ideas and views to the teachers as you find ways to improve our school. You show commitment and determination giving up your break times to represent your class views and to also hear those ideas from other areas of the school.

You could be a captain of one of our sports teams, where again your skills to encourage others and show real determination through your own actions, particularly when up against a tougher opposition.

As a school prefect you will lead the way through the example you set others, showing empathy towards all of those in our school community making sure they also feel valued happy and safe.

One of the more difficult, but possibly most important attributes is knowing when you've made a mistake, acknowledging it and then doing everything to put it right.

At Great Walstead leadership opportunities are seen across a variety of age groups as well as a variety of different areas of school life.

Want to hear more about our leadership development at Great Walstead?

If you would like to speak with a member of the team, please call us on 01444 483 528 or get in touch via our contact page.

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