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Navigating the school admissions process; a guide for parents and students

12 Jun 2024 |


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In our West Sussex location, we are surrounded by a number of very good private and state schools giving parents a good deal of choice.

Each offers something a little different and a little special and it is this that provides families the opportunity to join the school that best fits their values and views around education.

How does the Great Walstead Admission Process Work?

At Great Walstead we want our relationship to be a genuine partnership.

As part of the admissions process we offer prospective pupils an opportunity to experience a normal day. To see what the other girls and boys are like, to see what the teachers are like and possibly most importantly, what the break times and food is like!. This will also enable us to see the children in a more relaxed atmosphere and not bombard them with assessments.

Interested in a taster day?

If you would like to hear more about our taster days at Great Walstead, you can view more information on our admissions page, or get in touch with the team today!

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