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Teaching & Learning

It’s a big job but it’s one we love

Teaching at Great Walstead is a brilliant job. Because from very early on children pick up the infectious desire to explore the world around them that circulates around our school.

Our teaching and learning approach benefits our children in our Independent Pre-School and Pre-Prep because they are genuinely cared for by the adults who look after them and help them to learn.

Relationships with staff, friends and other children are very important. Our ‘Learning Powers’ are the starting blocks for our Learning Ethos – the 7 C’s. They encourage the skills we are looking for so our children develop into enthusiastic learners with a love of learning from the moment they join us.

These skills foster a sense of independence, a willingness to have a go and the ability to try again. It allows them to ask questions, seek answers, work successfully as a team and be proud of every achievement.

It’s our responsibility to help the children as they begin their learning journey and build these important relationships. Their curiosity and creativity are encouraged in a safe, secure and stimulating environment and coupled with Great Walstead School’s core values (The Walstead Way). This helps shape independent, confident learners who are willing to take risks, make mistakes and build on their learning as they progress through the school. It’s a privilege to be part of your child’s life and education.

You’ve got to see it to believe it.

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Year in Numbers

We let the numbers tell this story.

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