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Ongoing academic success

We value skills such as curiosity, creativity and the ability to confidently make and then learn from our mistakes.

These become the focus in the classroom where subjects are linked through engaging topics and cross curricular opportunities so that pupils are able to work collaboratively with interdisciplinary skills. By developing this attitude at a younger age, it becomes a habit and is something that will stay with them during and after their schooling life.

The class sizes and teaching assistant support in the Prep and Pre-Prep School allow for a highly individual approach to teaching where each pupil's needs can be met specifically. This ensures that foundations in literacy and numeracy are strong. Teachers are also able to get to know their pupils very well and develop those personal and social skills that enable children to deal with their emotions and have a strong sense of community and respect for each other.

Investment in our children’s education at a younger age can really set them up with a positive attitude to learning, coupled with an emotional intelligence which will give them the attitude to be successful in an ever changing world.

We pride ourselves on enabling children to reach their academic potential while avoiding a hot housing environment. We nurture in them a genuine love of learning as everything we do is informed by the 7 Cs. Learning is very much a journey, and we want to equip children with those skills they'll need to enable them to take responsibility for their learning and preparing them for life after Great Walstead. This approach not only prepares children for the next school but also the very different world of work that they will face. We are very proud of our pupils’ academic results which have not only seen us collect more academic scholarships than ever before, but also ensure pupils are successful to their next senior school.

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