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Two girls with their arms around each others shoulders, watching their friends playing football at Great Walstead


From home to school: a family who cares

Formative school years are a time of discovery, exploration and magic. They can also be a daunting time for both children and parents. We have a comprehensive system of support to help smooth out any bumps in the road and believe that great communication gives a vital link between school and home.

The wellbeing of our children is critical to their happiness and confidence. Never has this been more evident than in recent years.

We want to know your child like you know your child: their hopes and fears, their undeveloped talents, their quirks and what drives them to succeed.

We achieve this through a strong tutor system where staff are given dedicated time with the pupils in their care, listening to them, supporting them and talking about important areas of life such as building friendships and resilience.

Of course this can’t be done by the school alone and our links and relationships with you, as parents, are a key element in ensuring your child’s happiness at Great Walstead.

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