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'The Book of Mistakes' by Corinna Luyken

The Book of Mistakes’ features a series of illustrations which demonstrate the creative process and the way in which ‘mistakes’ can blossom into inspiration.

Corinna Luyken transforms accidental splotches, spots and misshapen things in quirky and unexpected ways, whilst taking readers on a journey through the process. Told with minimal, playful text, this story shows readers that even the biggest ‘mistakes’ can be the source of the brightest ideas and that we are all works in progress.

Mr Calvey shared this book with children in the Pre-Prep, who really enjoyed seeing the different ink marks transform into wonderful objects however, it appeals to readers of all ages, encouraging readers to have a positive outlook as they learn to face life’s obstacles.

Here is his review:

“A beautifully illustrated picture book where mistakes are turned into things of beauty. A wonderful starting point with the children who worry about making mistakes, the book shows how there will always be obstacles in life but, with a positive approach, these can be turned into wonderful learning opportunities. It is also a very poignant read for adults, helping us put things into perspective”.

Even the inky smudges scattered across the sky,
Look as if they could be leaves.
Like they had always wanted to be lifted up,
And carried”.

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