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Artists in Residence

Our collaboration with Brighton University School of Art.

We are a collective of Brighton Alumni who have recently renovated the art studio courtyard and begun practicing and creating in this space. Our practices range from ceramic work, both functional ware and sculptural pieces to objects in wood and metal.

We have begun teaching after school clubs to the children and are offering a range of parent workshops during the school day.

Rosie Tweedale

I am a designer maker working with natural materials, clay and wood. My projects have involved collaborating closely with local community organisations to create socially engaged craft objects which tell each of their stories.

I recently completed a ceramics residency in Denmark where I explored the material dualism between clay and wood. I used wood-firing techniques and ash glazes to create ceramic woodgrain vessels that embody aspects of the forest. I am driven by the importance of connecting to our natural environments using local materials, which I will be integrating into my workshops this year.

Isobel Roope

BA (Hons) 3D Design and Craft

I am a ceramic artist living and working in Sussex and a recent graduate from the University of Brighton. I create sculptural forms – some closed, some open. The surface is finished in either a smoke or saggar firing technique or with oxides, the smoke firing is done in the walled garden. I have some work available for sale and I take commissions too. A selection of my work can be seen via my Instagram page.

Sydney Taylor-Smith

BA (Hons) 3D Design and Craft

Having started playing with clay at the age of seven, I have continued my love for the material ever since by joining local ceramic classes, working in Artisan shops, helping Ceramicists with their work and completing a degree in 3D Design and Craft.

I spend a lot of my time throwing on the potters wheel and using coloured clay in my work. Specialising on a technique called Nerikomi, I apply colour to my work in various ways.  I sell ceramic earrings, decorative vessels and the occasional mug, which you can find through visiting my website or Instagram.


Peter Floate

MA Craft

Peter is more designer than artist, an educator turned craftsman, developing pieces that favour concept over function. Working largely with sheet metal and wood, his quest is to develop a collection of Quiet Things to be held, touched, smelt; observed through multiple senses. Inspired by marine constructions, contemporary architecture and spatial design, these tactile pieces pay homage to the comfort gained from a cat sat on a lap.

With a passion for working with his hands to communicate his imagination, Peter spent his career in Art & Design Education. Having struggled with reading and spelling, making gave him a sense of achievement from an early age and this continues to this day. With a passion to share the enjoyment of being creative Peter hopes that his experiences in the studios of Great Walstead School can be shared to nurture a new generation of young creative minds through looking, thinking, sharing and doing.

Lisa Jones

MA Craft

Alma Boyes


 With an established background in ceramic practice spanning over 40 years, my current work explores the historic technique of agateware which was prominent in the UK in 17th & 18th century industrial ceramics, notably Josiah Wedgewood. The term ‘Agateware’ refers to ceramic pieces made from coloured or mixed clays and mimics the multicoloured appearance of agate stone. I am drawn to this technique because of the unique combinations of colourful swirls and patterns which are created using the throwing process on the pottery wheel. My collection of works include large lidded vessels, some of which I adorn with hand-modelled birds – predominately British species including blackbirds, crows and sparrows. This new work brings together my experiences of designing and producing industrial ceramics, with many years specialising in portraits and sculptures of endangered species for bronze casting.

In relation to my training, I studied ceramics at Bath Academy of Art in the late 70’s and completed an MA in Ceramic Design in 1984. I worked at the Morris Singer Foundry, for 14 years enlarging sculptures for prominent 20th century artists such as Eduardo Paolozzi and William Timym, whilst continuing to produce my own work for bronze casting. I am passionate about ceramics education and have been lecturing in the subject since 1982. Notable positions include Area Leader for Ceramics and Academic Program Leader in BA (Hons) 3D Design and Craft at the University of Brighton until 2020.

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