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Exploring what
makes us Unique

Children have an intrinsic curiosity and desire to explore their world. They need to discover what they are capable of and how the world around them works.

At Great Walstead, we place huge importance on developing our children’s attitudes to learning, rewarding these attitudes as much as the outcome. We do this whilst making the most of our wonderful outdoor space where adventure, creativity and curiosity are continuously nurtured.

Through this approach, no child is restricted because of their cognitive ability. They become independent, confident thinkers with a genuine love of learning. It is a pleasure to work in such an inspiring environment and something I’m committed to for many more years.

Our learning philosophy

We place the same value on education through outdoor activities and experimental play as we do on academic excellence in the classroom. We see a game in the woods as having equal learning opportunities to a maths lesson. The re-enactment of a great battle as an important part of any history lesson. We call this philosophy Mud π and you’ll see examples of it running through everything we do.

Our Learning Compass

Children want to learn. Their curiosity, creativity and inventiveness are effortless. As teachers, it’s our job to cultivate these innate skills. Regardless of the subject, we support every child to develop the ‘seven Cs’. We call this our learning compass and it guides all aspects of learning at Great Walstead.

Be confident



Be creative

Stay committed

Show craftsmanship

Our shared values

Education is about more than academic achievement. We want to instill the positive values of empathy, vibrancy, adventure and determination into every learner at Great Walstead. To do this, we believe it is essential that we lead by example. So these values are as much for us as they are for them.

Award-winning, inspirational teaching

We have been awarded International Association of Prep Schools’ Excellence in Education and nominated for TES Pre-Prep School of the Year in 2021.







Rated excellent
by the ISI

We achieved the highest possible grade from the Independent School Inspectorate in both academic achievements and personal development.

An array of exceptional facilities

Our children have access to state-of-the-art sports facilities, a dedicated performing arts centre, science and innovation labs and 250 acres of unspoilt woodland grounds. With all this and so much more, there is an environment in which every child can flourish.

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Deciding on the right learning environment for your child is an incredibly important decision. But to truly appreciate just what Great Walstead has to offer, we think you need to see it for yourself!

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