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Unique learning experiences

An Independent Creative Arts School In Sussex

All Great Walstead pupils are given the same opportunities and encouragement to experience a wide range of music, art and drama. Through the delivery of an exciting range of projects, pupils will experience the importance of team work, problem solving and making connections to other musicians, artists and designers. They develop an ability to analyse their own work and the work of others sensitively and recognise ways to extend and improve their work. Discover more of what we offer across our music, art and drama departments below:


Music lies at the very heart of creative life at Great Walstead School. From singing hymns in the daily chapels and our annual Carol Service, to the exciting and competitive House Music Song Competition, Great Walstead has a great deal to offer. Whether it is the study of music in the classroom, taking a personal journey via individual music lessons and/or being a team player, as a member of the many choirs and ensembles, Great Walstead pupils can experience it all as part of a large, vibrant, experienced and dedicated Music Department!


Art at Great Walstead provides every pupil with another essential means of communication within an already inspiring and nurturing environment. Pupils are encouraged to develop and explore the visual world around them, building valuable life skills and creative techniques. The nature of creativity provides children with the opportunity to use a diverse range of skills that benefit them way beyond the art room. Beyond practical work, pupils learn to appreciate the power of leaving a mark and how to record and express themselves creatively. Pupils recognise the power of communication within their art work and methods to enrich themselves as learners.


Drama and the Performing Arts have always been an integral part of the education of children at Great Walstead School. Our objective is that all children should leave Great Walstead School with a confident and enthusiastic attitude towards drama in its broadest sense, knowing that it is something they were able to take part in and contribute towards, regardless of their abilities. The aim of the Drama Department is to provide a structured framework from which to arouse an interest and enjoyment of drama, whilst teaching the basic rudiments of theatre and stagecraft.

In addition to our music, art and drama curriculum, we also offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities and clubs, where your child can discover new passions, or further develop their existing ones.