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The last 2 lessons our Year 3 and 4 pupils have been focusing on Aboriginal Art and its was so much fun we thought we would let everyone join the lesson!

This week we are sharing what our pupils have been up to in their virtual classroom for Art. We do as many of our lessons on a live video call daily with supplemented video tutorials and work to support them. We want our children to feel like they are in their classroom with the support of their teacher as much as we can (and our parents are enjoying joining in too!).

Step 1: Choose an animal that you would like to draw e.g. Kangaroo, Lizard, Fish, Koala. On an A4 piece of paper copy the animal. Make a large outline pencil drawing of the animal.
Google/research outlines of aboriginal animals, if you click on images you will see lots of different animals.

Step 2: You will decorate the inside of your animal using the aboriginal x ray style e.g. Lines, dots and cross hatching. For examples of this style Google Aboriginal X Ray art. You will see that they draw the outside of the animal then decorate the inside showing the bones and structure just like a X Ray.

Step 3: Add colour to your drawing. You may choose from: colour pencils, pens or paint.

Step 4: Now for the background, click here to access the video tutorial with Miss Crook.