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Words from Walstead: Irresponsible Hosts?

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We have all heard of: Russia, Brazil and South Africa. What do they have in common? They were the last three hosts of the FIFA World Cup. A world cup team you won’t have heard of is Qatar; because, they have never qualified for the World Cup – YET, they are to be the hosts of the 2022 competition.

Qatar is a small middle eastern country, approximately half the size of Wales. I STRONGLY believe that Qatar should not be allowed to hold the next World Cup, and here are my reasons why: firstly, I believe this due to the environmental impact. Qatar does not have the right infrastructure., They need to build hotels, new cities and seven new stadiums. This doesn’t include all the airports, railway stations and power supplies that need to be extended.

South Africa spent 3.5 billion dollars when it hosted the World Cup. Qatar is spending 220 billion dollars. Imagine the carbon footprint left from this amount of building work. Surely, there are better ways of spending 220 billion dollars; for example, reducing global warming or world poverty.

Secondly, I believe Qatar should not be the next host due to its location. In July, the average temperature is 43°c. Compare this with the hottest day ever recorded in England – a mere 38.7°c. You cannot play football in 43°c. Qatar claimed to have already thought of this and in their bid promised air-conditioned stadiums. However, these are now not possible. So, for the first time, the World Cup will take place in Winter – upsetting all the major football leagues. Players will have to find time to train with their team, and their country. For example, William, a Chelsea player, will have to travel between Chelsea and Brazil to prepare for the British Premier League and his national team.

Finally, Qatar is an irresponsible host country. When Russia was preparing for the World Cup there were seventeen deaths. To date, Qatar have had a staggering one thousand two hundred. All of these are immigrants working and suffering in dangerous, hot and unsafe building sites and work camps. They have been promised very low wages that they often actually never receive. Which brings me to my final point: sadly, I believe that this bid has a lot more to do with money than football.