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‘Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears’ is an extraordinary picture book, filled with sketches, collages and surprise treats such as fold-out flaps and nibbled corners.

Little Mouse uses the pages of this beautiful book to reveal his fears, from loud noises and the dark, to getting lost or being sucked down the plughole! The correct scientific name for each of these fears is given in the corner of the page. Emily Gravett draws on a lifetime’s experience of managing her fears through the medium of doodle and encourages readers to do the same, providing space on each page to record and face their fears through drawing, writing and collage.

Young children will identify with ‘Little Mouse’ who shows that everyone is scared of something and that despite his diminutive stature, he is still capable of scaring someone much bigger than himself! Therefore, the story offers a great starting point for conversations about fears and anxieties of all kinds.

Mr. Calvey shared this book with children in the Pre-Prep, here is his review:

“Each page is a story in itself with secret flaps to open and even a very funny fold out map (with humour that will appeal to adults too!). The nibbled pages and folded corners add to the mystery and excitement as you turn the page. The story gives parents a lovely starting point to talk to their child about anything they may be worried or scared about. It shows how we all have fears or worries, no matter how big or small we are. A lovely opportunity to share your own fears and talk about being brave”.

'I am frightened I may get sucked down the plug hole,
Or flushed down the loo!'