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A Warm Welcome

Chris Calvey, Headmaster

At Great Walstead, we value the whole process of learning, not just the outcome.

We reward children who are academic risk takers, who show resilience and determination as well as that most important trait: curiosity. These qualities are seen in abundance in younger children, you only have to watch five year olds at play, where they are naturally inquisitive about everything around them. Yet as children get older, some of these qualities are lost as they become too focused on getting things right. This is all too often at the expense of offering opinions and ideas, in case they are wrong.

We create a learning environment where children feel comfortable being risk takers, prepared to make mistakes in order to find out more. Learning is a lifelong process which doesn’t end when we leave school or finish university.

By developing a genuine love and understanding of learning in our girls and boys, we feel we are preparing them for a world which is ever-changing and increasingly competitive.

Chris Calvey, Headmaster

Ask me anything!

See some of our children ask our Headmaster, Chris Calvey – anything! Find out why Chris wears stripey socks, and the naughtiest thing he did when he was at school!

To find out what our children and teachers love about Great Walstead School, watch our series of videos and discover more.

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Deciding on the right learning environment for your child is an incredibly important decision. But to truly appreciate just what Great Walstead has to offer, we think you need to come and see it for yourself!

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