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11+ Scholarships For Sussex 

We offer 11+ scholarships across the different disciplines of school life to those pupils who show both high levels of interest and potential.  Awards are offered to pupils who, in our view, we feel are likely candidates for a similar award as they move into their senior school at 13+.  11+ scholarships are offered for the Academics, Sport, Drama, Music and Art.

A limited number of scholarships are being offered to pupils who are currently in Year 6. These scholarships are for children who are looking to apply for similar scholarships to their chosen senior schools.  Children applying for these scholarships are expected to be working at a high level in their field. The benchmark for awarding scholarships will be senior schools’ expectations of potential scholars at 13+.  Pupils’ general conduct and approach to school life will also be an important factor in the decision-making process.

- The deadline for entry for scholarships is Friday 11th December 2020.
- Pupils who are offered a scholarship will be informed by the end of the Easter term 2021.
- The scholarship assessments will take place during the week beginning Monday 22nd February 2021.

Pupils may apply for a maximum of two scholarships.  If a pupil were to win two awards, one would be honorary.

Scholarships will carry a value of between £300 and £1000 per year off fees.


Academic Scholarships

Pupils will sit papers in English, Maths and Science. Non-verbal and verbal tests will also be set for external candidates. Pupils who apply for this scholarship should be performing at the very top end of their year group academically and demonstrate strengths across a range of subject areas.  Should they win an award, they will be expected to display a high level of maturity, diligence, initiative and independence in their approach towards their studies in the seniors. There would be an expectation to be involved in some extra-curricular activities and possibly external competitions, as well as take on certain responsibilities which relate to their role.

Art Scholarships

Children applying for an Art Scholarship should be able to demonstrate and express their exceptional talent, commitment and ability for the subject.  They will be required to verbalise their passion for the arts discussing recent exhibitions and workshops attended and present a body of work created beyond school.  Pupils will be asked to present a portfolio that clearly demonstrates their fluent skills across the following disciplines: observational drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles, printing, mixed media and photography.  They will be expected to discuss with confidence how artists have influenced their work and show visual references.  Each candidate will sit a drawing test. They will create a tonal pencil observation of a still life arrangement. This drawing will be assessed on the candidate’s ability to use the formal elements with great skill.  Successful Art Scholars will be expected to: Attend an Art Scholars’ session every week (after school), complete a minimum of two hours of artwork at home each week, complete holiday tasks, submit work for school competitions or art events, and visit a minimum of three galleries or exhibitions during the year.

Drama Scholarships

Drama Scholarships will be given to candidates who can confidently express their distinct talents, have clear enthusiasm and commitment for drama, and a desire to be regularly and actively involved in supporting the Drama Department at Great Walstead. Participating in performances and plays at Great Walstead, or in extra-curricular drama activities, will be viewed as scholarly attributes. Any participation in examination programmes, such as Trinity College London, LAMDA, or Trinity Guildhall, would also be regarded as evidence, but most certainly not an essential for applying.  Drama Scholars must be involved in the Great Walstead School play, as well as all performing arts events. Scholars will regularly watch productions, read plays and be involved in all extra-curricular Drama events. In Year 8, Drama Scholars will be prepared for scholarships to their senior school.

Candidates will be required to perform an acted audition piece of their own choice (a maximum of three minutes long) to the Head of Drama. This piece should be from a published piece of work so they can discuss the character and context of the monologue in the interview. The scene should be memorised and delivered with a full awareness of the importance of vocal technique as well as physical response (facial expression, movement, gesture, posture). Candidates will also be asked to sight-read a piece of unseen text/section of a play. They will be expected to discuss their interest in drama and why they have applied for the Drama Scholarship. They should bring with them a portfolio of their drama work to date which will be used in the interview. They will also participate in a group improvisation session with the other candidates.

Music Scholarships

Children applying for a Music Scholarship should be performing pieces of at least Grade 4 standard (on their first choice study instrument) and will be required to play one piece on their main instrument (which can be voice), plus one on their second instrument (at about Grade 2 level). The singing of a popular melody will also be expected. In addition, there will be some aural and sight-reading tests appropriate to the recommended grades.  If possible, candidates should bring their own accompanist.

The Director of Music will have a short interview with each child and ask them about their understanding of the music being performed.  He will also discuss with them their current experience as a member of a choir/ensemble.  Candidates will be expected to display an outstanding commitment to ensemble music making and become a high profile musician within the school community.

Sport Scholarships

Children applying for a Sport Scholarship should be able to demonstrate exceptional ability and potential in two of the major sports on offer here at Great Walstead. These pupils will be working well beyond the expected level of their year group with a strong understanding of the key principles and tactical ideas of the major sports at school. These pupils will show a very high level of core skills which can be used in match/competitive situations. They will have strong game sense and awareness in team related sports and will shine in 'A team' situations. They will be able to perform well under pressure, lifting their performance when challenged. These pupils will have appropriate fitness and athletic levels required to perform at a high level.

This award is an all-round sport award. Those pupils who only excel in one sport may still be able to get a sport specific scholarship to their chosen senior school (supported by the Director of Sport) even if they do not gain an all-rounder sports scholarship whilst at Great Walstead.  The pupils’ coaches will be asked for feedback on their performances in all of the major sports they have played at school in the last year as well as their conduct, attitude and effort. Their performances during fixtures and tournaments in this period will be taken into consideration.

Pupils who receive this award will be expected to uphold the highest standards of attitude and sportsmanship acting as a role model for their peers and sport as a whole at Great Walstead. They will be expected to represent the school in any fixtures/events for which they are selected during the week and, occasionally, at the weekend (unless exceptional circumstances mean that this is not possible).

How to Apply

To enter your child for these scholarships, please complete the forms below and submit supporting references or documentation for your child’s application.

This can be in the form of references, copies of drama or music examinations, competitions won or details of clubs and sporting achievements. Please see individual scholarship information detailed above for requirements. Academic scholarships should be supported by a reference written by their academic teachers.

Please return the forms to the School Office.

11+ scholarships
For the attention of Emma Scotland
Great Walstead School
East Mascalls Lane,
RH16 2QL

If you have applied for more than one scholarship, an order of preference for scholarships should be indicated on the form.

The deadline for entry for scholarships is Friday 11th December 2020.  Pupils who are offered a scholarship will be informed by the end of the Easter term 2021.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Director of Studies if you have any further questions or concerns:

Scholarship Application Form

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