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Farm update #13

I hope you all had a wonderful half term. Its been a hive of activity the first half of term and the pupils and farm have been flourishing.

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Farm Update #12

It’s been a while since our last update. With a rather depressing start to the year; snow – rain, snow – snow – rain, but with some very dedicated classes braving the cold we have managed to get ahead of the curve, so I’ll skip the standard gardeners moan about the winter and go straight into the first week after Easter.

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Farm Update #11

Since the last update we have had some arrivals and some departures… bad news first. Sadly last weekend the newly arrived Quails decided they were going to make a break for freedom and we lost seven of the ten, but then on Monday two decided they didn’t like freedom so much, and returned. Luckily the boy quail decided to stay put, so we should have some little arrivals in spring.

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Farm Update #8, 9 and 10

This week we’ve been even busier than usual. Wind + Rain = MUD. The Farm just about weathered the storm of last Saturday night. A lot of things were not where I had left them and there was a minor issue of a broken gate, but a few days of CDT carousel groups and we are back to being all ship-shape ready for the next storm.

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Farm Update #7

So it finally feels like we are getting towards winter, even though there are still butterflies in the garden and wasps in the woods!

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